Give me a reason
not to write the last line.
On my Knees (via graciouswords)

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Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.
Albert Camus, The Fall  (via larmoyante)

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'There's no need for heartbreak warfare. It's called 'I love you' — 'I love you too'. 'I need more love' — 'You got more love', and you can get through life like that. Shouldn't you just on days where you want more love be like 'I had a bad dream that you were sleeping around, it's really irrational, but just love me extra today'. Why can't we just have this thing where you just say 'Just love me extra today'. If I was with somebody and they said 'Love me extra today', I would love them extra forever.'
John Mayer, Atlanta, 2010. (via lookandlisteng)

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Wait for Me


Terribillity can undwindle.
It just needs

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Yes I regret being fool enough to consider you my friend.  Now I see you have none, only people you fuck, metaphorically or otherwise.  I hope it was good for you.

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There are things sadder
than you and I. Some people
do not even touch.
Sonia Sanchez, Haiku (via grammatolatry)

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It would have been easier if she hadn’t discovered how simple it could be to love.
N. R. (via lisawiseman)

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when asked if he believed in god, ernest hemingway said “yeah, at night.”

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I look at my sister and I wonder
how we were created in the same body.
I look at her and I try to understand
how we came from the same creators.
I look at her face and I see good luck.
I examine her body and not only
does she take on the shape of an
hourglass, but her skin is timeless,

For all of my sisters…

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