Anonymous said: 6 word poem on how the only way I can get over my ex is thinking about you?


The silliest things get us through.

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Thunderstorm cloud lamp

I Want it

its doing a shit job of lighting that room 3/10 would not buy

I want it more.

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Last night in Sydney, the rain was making rivers of our roads and I could not sleep. Last night my mind was so full of so much stuff that there was no doubt in my mind I only had a matter of minutes before I would actually explode. 

So I sat down. And I picked up my pen. And I put on my music. And I began to draw. 

4 hours later, at 2:30am, I had created twenty palm sized cards and a box in which to store them. During that time I had stopped only twice; once to get a cup of tea, and once to shut my window. For 4 hours my mind was empty. The only thing going through my mind was how to make the perfect shade of light blue, or which size pen to use (I settled on 0.2). I did not think once about money troubles, or rent, or work, or him, or the future, or being sick, or being sad. I was entirely at peace. 

And that’s what I make art.
That’s why I need art.

Love this. Want to buy it.

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Perhaps, Too Soon


But in the end, all I could hope for
was that you would be fabulous
and graceful, and consist of nothing
objectionable (to me). That we
would subsist as the shore
despite (or perhaps because of)
persistent rush of surf —
that in our insistence we held
something transcendent.

© 2014 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

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